National Public Radio

“Headless Goat Polo Is A Top Sport At World Nomad Games”

“It Takes A Village To Determine The Origins Of An African Proverb”

On Tap Magazine

Author Profile and links to articles

“D.C. United Laces Up” Print Version

“Breakout Batter: Meet Michael A. Taylor” Print Version (See cover)

“Barley Wine Season” Print Version

“A Day in the Life: Cobbler Mountain’s Laura McCarthy Louden” Print Version (Photos by Joel Goldberg)


Interview With Candlesticks and Daggers

National Geographic Magazine

“Questions About Young Adult Cancer That ‘50/50’ Doesn’t Answer”

“Honey Badger Don’t Care But We Do!”

“Vampire-Human Offspring of Folklore Offer Insights into the Hybrid Baby of ‘Breaking Dawn’”

GW Hatchet

“Student may sign with recording label”

“GW wins rubber match against Hawks”

“The soul of Busboys”

“Performing penniless”

Planet Forward

“Race for the Green Flag: 5 Auto Innovations to Sustain Our Planet”

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